Wire Machine

This machine gives definite pure edges because the wire is constantly in contact with the stone. The main advantage of it is that it cuts automatically curved shapes (profiling and countering). it is based on a system of axes, each with a specific function.



The Multi-blade machine is of a large dimension and equipped with several blade cutters. Due to this machine, KAZAR is well-known with it 12-13mm slabs thickness.

Polishing Slabs Machine

This automatic polishing machine is designed to reduce scratches and swirls. it operates in dual-action rotation to give the mirror-feeling finish.

Precision Bridge Cut Machine

The Precision Bridge cut machine, this machine is made to cut the slabs into small tiles.


The Water jet Machine is an abrasive jet of high-pressure water to create a concentrated force to cut the marble. This machine pressurizes a stream of pure water flow to cut definite and delicate designs.

Cut to Size

Sizes can vary according to the client’s preferences and house dimensions.



KAZAR keeps their stock updated with the best quality blocks in the market in Nahr Ibrahim warehouse. This allows us to offer our customers the quantity required with the best quality.